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If you have an office job, odds are high that you sit in front of a computer for a good part of every day – even if you don’t have an office job; people of all ages spend at least an hour or two a day in front of a computer. Spending that time sitting in a comfortable and ergonomically correct chair is key in preventing minor back pain (that could eventually lead to more serious problems). There are some general rules to follow when it comes to proper body posture in a chair and aspects to the chair that can help you follow the rules.


Sitting down and propping up your feet after a long hard day can feel wonderful. Add a gentle massaging action to that and it is heaven. Chair massagers can provide added relaxation after a long day or relief from throbbing pain from a sore back. The massaging action from the chair can increase circulation and blood flow to the area, which helps to circulate oxygen and carries away toxins. One of the great things about chair massagers is that a person can completely relax into the chair (especially if the chair also allows you to raise your feet). Some handheld types of massagers can leave residual tension in the arm that is holding up the massager; the chair doesn’t have that problem. People also like the idea in investing in a chair massager for convenience and economy – as compared to paying a massage therapist.


If you suffer from back pain, it is likely that you are always looking for relief options. If you are already exercising, stretching and keeping your weight down, but still have occasional soreness, the personal handheld massager might be just the relief you are looking for. Increasing the blood flow to an area helps to circulate oxygen and nutrients and to carry away toxins, and massage increases blood flow by stimulating circulation. So massage not only feels good, but also provides physiological help as well.


Many people experience back and neck pain. Whether a person sits at a desk for a good part of the day or performs heavy lifting, back pain is likely to knock on the door at some point in their adult lives. There are several things that can be done to help prevent back pain, like practicing good posture, going to a chiropractor, or strengthening the muscles of the back. If a person sits at a desk using a computer all day, then prevention can come in the form of an ergonomically correct desk chair. Sometimes all that is needed is the quick relief that comes with rest and relaxation, so personal handheld massagers and massage chairs can help to relieve a tired and sore back. This article takes a look at some options for self-managing minor back pain.


In the treatment of back pain there isn’t just one remedy; treating the symptoms by several different means can be very effective. Besides the more well-known remedies, like pain killers, icing and exercise, electrical stimulation has also been successful in pain management. Transcutaneous (or “through the skin”) Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) works by transmitting electrical impulses via electrodes placed on the skin. The electrode pads are carefully placed to target the areas which are causing pain. A physiotherapist or healthcare professional can advise on the most effective placement of the pads. The chronic musculoskeletal pain of the back is one type of pain that responds very well to the TENS machine.

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