Just like the majority of people in the USA, I have suffered from back pain at different points in my life. From a sprain to a spasm, to even a compressed disk. I work at a desk and have found that manual labor may be harder on your body, but it seems that sitting at a desk all day is the worst thing you can do to your back.

This site was created to go over some general information on back pain, as well as document some of the different attempts I have made to cure it.

It seems like the best thing for me, is to just realize my back is a weak link on my body, and mind it with every task that I do, to make sure I do not aggravate it further. Beyond that, it seems like keeping it used, and not just sitting there have also helped.

I type this out from my “walking desk” which has both seemed to give me energy and get me out of my desk for those 8-12 hours days of sitting still. I still need to stretch more often and do more core exercises, but it is improving, and the quality of my life is getting better.

I hope this site helps you find a little hope, and motivation to know that you are not alone, and that some types of back issues can be reversed. The comments are open on the site, and I do read them. So leave your thoughts, ideas and issues you have run into.

Also please keep in mind that not everyone is the same and what helps one person may severely injure another. Please go to your doctor and get their advice before trying to “self medicate” and fix your issues on your own. Here is our disclaimer. Please read it.

Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Hello,
    A few months after I started my job, I began experiencing terrible aches in my lower back. I never had back problems before so I didn’t know what to do or what was causing it. I finally realized that I was sitting sideways in my desk chair, contorting my spine and twisting my muscles. It wasn’t until I came across your blog that I realized the seriousness of chronic back pain and how important it is to maintain good posture. Unfortunately, I know that many, many people still suffer from this condition and each one treats it differently.

    That being said, I’m currently doing some work with the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition, who launched the Know Your Dose campaign this week. The coalition is working to reach and educate individuals living with chronic pain on the proper use of medicines containing acetaminophen.

    You are probably already aware that acetaminophen is the most commonly used drug in America, found in more than 600 OTC and prescription medicines. Thus, people may be unknowingly taking more than the recommended amount, putting themselves at risk for an unintentional overdose.

    Your blog has been instrumental in helping me find ways to alleviate back pain, and I know it’s a top resource on the web for others. I would love the opportunity to speak with you further about the campaign, and potentially write a blog about it… this would be a great opportunity to remind your readers to always read and follow the labels of their medicines.

  2. I am a practicing Chiropractor for 20 years and I will tell you I know how debilitating back pain can be. I have seen patients so disabled that they can barley walk come back to very active lifestyles. You are on the right tract…..you cannot rest back pain away, stay active, continue to WALK as a primary exercise. Core strength is also important you need a series of safe exercises ( check out the San Francisco Spine Institutes Dynamic Lumbar Stabilization Program).
    David Martin D.C.

  3. Do you accept guest post on your site? I’ve written one about degenerative changes of the spine and back pain. Thanks.

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