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Articles About Back Pain

Although many mammals have spines, the specific structure of the human back is what allows us to stand up, sit down, twist and move in the way we do. The spine is made up of many interconnected parts. The complexity of tissues, fibers, bones and nerves can be broken down into three general parts: the vertebral column (also called the spinal column), the neural aspect, and the soft tissues.


Many of the maladies that we feel today are either caused by or exacerbated by stress. There are environmental stressors, such as pressure at work or money problems, or emotional stressors, such as distress or trauma from past experiences. Either way the stress can manifest itself into a physical problem such as tension or anxiety. Not all back pain is stress-related, but stress can play a significant role in creating some forms of back pain.

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If you’ve ever spent a long time in front of a computer, you know the hypnotized feeling that you have when you finally get up to walk around. Sitting puts stress on the body and if you sit for a long time without taking a break, this strain can take an effect on the back and neck. About 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives.


Like the home page suggests, 2/3 of us will have suffered back pain in our lifetime.

There are many ways you can hurt your back, and many reasons why you can have continued back pain.

This blog/website will talk about some of the various ways I have hurt my back in the past, and numerous ways I have attempted to treat it. Including stretching, exercise, prescription and over the counter drugs.