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Back pain seems to be a fact of life, but by taking care of your back can either prevent or significantly reduce the severity of an episode. Maintenance that you can practice falls into four major categories.


Preventing back injuries is a big concern to many people. Back pain either slows down or temporarily incapacitates almost two-thirds of all Americans at some point in their lifetime. A healthy spine allows you to be active on your terms. Taking care of your spine pays off in the long run. Injury prevention is possible (and will also save money and time in doctor’s visits) by regularly practicing a few easy-to-learn steps.


Many a day lying in bed groaning in pain and taking muscle-relaxants could be spared if people followed some basic techniques in lifting objects. Lifting objects that are awkward, heavy, or too far away can cause immediate extreme pain from which recovery takes weeks (and in some cases might trigger a longer term problem). Avoid back pain by following some basic guidelines.

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Proper posture is the training of the body to put the least amount of strain on the back’s various parts when standing, sitting and lying down. Practicing good posture will help prevent sprains, muscle strains or more difficult conditions to heal, such as a herniated disk. Lifelong good posture also reduces the chance (or even severity) of chronic ailments such as Spinal Stenosis.