Most of us Have Suffered From Back Pain

Like the home page suggests, 2/3 of us will have suffered back pain in our lifetime.

There are many ways you can hurt your back, and many reasons why you can have continued back pain.

This blog/website will talk about some of the various ways I have hurt my back in the past, and numerous ways I have attempted to treat it. Including stretching, exercise, prescription and over the counter drugs.

It seems like what has prevented me from hurting so much lately has been losing some weight, strengthening my back through exercise, and upgrading my office chair to a highly ergonomic and adjustable one.

Not only that, but taking frequent breaks from sitting and staring at the computer have also seemed to help.

Like with any exercise or medical advice that you read or see on the web, you consult your physician prior to doing anything you read about online. They will know what is best for you. Please read our disclaimer for further info.

13 thoughts on “Most of us Have Suffered From Back Pain”

  1. After reading your topic I thought I would pass on some info. I just read an interesting book called “A Day without Pain written by an addiction doctor by the name of Mel Pohl. A very interesting read. It talks about pain, addiction to pain meds, and how the drugs make pain worse. It goes into all sorts of drug free options to manage pain without drugs. I’m gonna check out a few of them. I’m 43 and after many years in the service I retired. Then it seems everything started to break. When one hurt is just about cured another one seems to pop up. Like most people I just kinda suck it up and deal with it. I am trying to hold off as long as I can on asking for pain meds. Once you wind up on drugs the doctors don’t wanna take you off. Then you get a side effect which is fixed by yet another drug. To think pain meds can actually make pain worse. A buddy of mine told me that a few years back and I didn’t believe him. Then I read it in the book. Why would a doctor prescribe drugs when it makes the pain worse?

    It seems the author put up a blog with a few topics. Its kinda new but has some pretty good ideas. The blog is at Check it out the book too. Best of luck.

    Catch you later….Joe

  2. Back pain is extremely common. Almost half of the population will have a positive MRI finding for disc bulge/herniation or some form of degenerative disc. Although, they will be pain free.

    The interesting thing is why is it that so many can have these positive findings with little to no pain? There is perhaps another mechanism of involvement that determines who will or won’t have pain.

  3. The interesting thing is that the health care professional has neglected back pain as well as pain in general for over forty years-ecen though it is the most common reason why people seek medical care. Next to the common cold low back pain is the most prominant medical condition in the world. The reason we dont understand why there is positive findings withoout pain is that the healthcare industry has failed to adequately research back pain. Until the industry takes back pain seriously we will not likely see substantive progress for decdes in back pain treatments and physicians will continue to dismiss back pain as being due to malingering or factitious- ” all in the mind”

  4. Wonderful website, I am a medical professional and just recently have has the most excrutiating lumbar pain, I went to the ER twice. I have taken medications, done PT, gone to chiropractors, however I wasn’t getting to the root of the problem which was my lifestyle: driving all day and sitting on the computer all day. Once I stopped driving as much and limited the time on the computer, my pain started to subside. Also I tried many lumbar braces, but the best one that I could find was the M-Brace. In fact it gain me such relief that I now sell them at mbracedirect. Cheers.

    Dr. Waeger

  5. The medicines that are used for bone pain are narcotics findrxonline as opioids such as Vicodin, Lortab, OxyContin, hydrocodone and the doctors that are usually used to combat pain they cause diseases such as homeopathy, fibromyalgia and even cancer In general, these medicines are used mostly is the United States and Europe are controlled because their use can lead to addiction.

  6. In order to cure back pain lie straight for six to eight months.

    Dont turn on your sides even. You may have to tie your feet with your bed in order to stay straight.

    Check the results!

  7. I had a friend that had bulging discs and had really bad back pain. She was told she had to go through surgical procedures to fix it… which she was not open to doing. She wanted to find out if there were any natural ways to make the pain go away?
    Aside from going in to see professionals the techniques helped increase the healing… and the best part is it’s done on your own.

    PS. great blog! 🙂

  8. Back pain is very common, even to the person that has never had back pain. Aa a Denver chiropractor, I see patients everyday that have never had back pain. It is almost impossible to not have back pain in our society. Most of us are very sedentary and have poor lifestyle choices.

    Avoiding neck and back pain with better lifestyle choices are key. Eating a healthy, non processed, anti-inflammatory diet with proper exercise is one of the best ways to keep good spinal hygiene.

  9. It is important to take care of your back and neck since back pain can make your life intolerable. Back pain can completely interrupt your life, so prevention is key. Posture and good ergonomics as well as strengthening your back through exercise are all excellent ways to prevent back pain in the first place.

  10. As you’ve stated, back pain is a serious problem. The 2nd most frequent reason people go to the doctor – 2nd to respiratory infection. Amazing! That’s huge. But what is even more wild is the solutions recommended to back pain sufferers: narcotics that address the symptoms and not the causes, lying on the bed for 6-8 months (for real?), and surgery that leads to multiple surgeries. Dr. Waeger, it was a pleasure to hear you mention lifestyle. We were not made to sit 90% of our days away. We were made to move, often. I’m also amazed at the limited comments recommending chiropractic. Chiropractors have huge success treating back pain by manipulations of the spine, educating patients on the importance of lifestyle choices, and soft tissue rehab. Whether I agree with comments or not, I love the chatter. Keep it up.

  11. So what if you can’t really alter your lifestyle? I sit at a computer all day and that type of work is all I know how to do. I have seen some improvement in my lower back pain after putting more time into walking and exercise, but 40+ hours a week I’m parked in a chair. Any ideas?

  12. Conventional Doctors look for structural aberrations as a cause for back pain. They continually ignore functional changes. It is only by assessing altered function that we can identify the tissues causing the pain and thus, the root of the problem. Technology may enable us to closer examine the structures of the body but with no focus on their ability to perform “normal” function we are missing all non-pathological causes of pain.

  13. Hello Andy,

    Even I had developed backpain for the same reason as yours. There are a few things that people suggested me to do. Try to just stand up every 40 minutes or so and whenever you get a chance to walk make use of it. It could be like walking to the fax machine or to the vending machine. If your exercise involves stretching it would be really great.Maintain a good posture. These things can help you prevent backpain.

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