Chair Massagers

Sitting down and propping up your feet after a long hard day can feel wonderful. Add a gentle massaging action to that and it is heaven. Chair massagers can provide added relaxation after a long day or relief from throbbing pain from a sore back. The massaging action from the chair can increase circulation and blood flow to the area, which helps to circulate oxygen and carries away toxins. One of the great things about chair massagers is that a person can completely relax into the chair (especially if the chair also allows you to raise your feet). Some handheld types of massagers can leave residual tension in the arm that is holding up the massager; the chair doesn’t have that problem. People also like the idea in investing in a chair massager for convenience and economy – as compared to paying a massage therapist.

Often a brand will have several options at several prices levels, so it is possible to comparison shop and find something that works for you.

Here are some options to consider when purchasing (or using) a chair massagers

  • Variable settings – Many chair massagers come with several different settings including a vertical rolling motion or kneading action as well as a pulsation or vibration option. Settings can be changed to target the upper or lower back or a mixture of the two.
  • Individual needs – Different chairs will target different areas. Do you want something that targets the upper back, the seat area, and do you prefer vibration to rolling action? Check out all the options before buying.
  • Variable speeds – Does the device have several different speed options? Different pain can be treated in different ways, so speed variance can be important.
  • Heat – With proper use, infrared heat penetrates deep into muscle tissue through the skin. The heat helps to relax the muscle and get circulation going in the area.
  • Intensity – The kneading or rolling action of a chair massager can sometimes be intense. If you have serious back problems, or experience any discomfort, it is best to speak with your healthcare provider.
  • Space – Chair massagers are extremely bulky and heavy. Consider where it will fit best before purchasing.
  • Cost – Chair massagers can be very costly, so it is worth looking around and comparison shopping.

Massage chairs can be found at many different stores and there are two websites, and, which are both great resources; both have a large selection. Directions should be followed to increase effectiveness and prevent harm.

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