Personal Handheld Massagers

If you suffer from back pain, it is likely that you are always looking for relief options. If you are already exercising, stretching and keeping your weight down, but still have occasional soreness, the personal handheld massager might be just the relief you are looking for. Increasing the blood flow to an area helps to circulate oxygen and nutrients and to carry away toxins, and massage increases blood flow by stimulating circulation. So massage not only feels good, but also provides physiological help as well.

When it comes to personal handheld massagers there are many different options. Some of the big names in massagers are Homedics, Heliohealth, Conair, Max and Ultrasonic, though there are many other brands. Often a brand will have several options at several prices levels, so it is easy to find something that works for you.

Many brands are thinking ergonomically. Handheld massagers are liked by people because they can massage specific areas; a drawback is that whichever hand is holding the massager (and therefore that arm and possibly the shoulder as well) can’t completely relax. Makers of ergonomic products are trying to make using their brands the most relaxing and truly healthy experience possible.

Here are some options to consider when purchasing (or using) a handheld massager:

  • Variable speeds – Does the device have several different speed options? Different pain can be treated in different ways, so speed variance can be important.
  • Variable settings – Many massagers come with several different settings including percussive action, steady action or short bursts. Settings can be changed depending on if it will be large muscle groups are being massaged or smaller groups with more concentrated nerve endings.
  • Ergonomic – Consider how often you’ll need to use the device and for how long it will be operating. Back pain can sometimes be caused from tired muscles, so you want the massager to have easy handling and maneuverability. If your arms are weak be sure to choose an ergonomically designed device.
  • Cord vs. cordless – Massagers come both battery operated and with cords. Consider how and where your device will be used.
  • Heat – With proper use, infrared heat penetrates deep into muscle tissue through the skin without causing skin burns. The heat helps to relax the muscle and get circulation going in the area.
  • Noise – Massagers can be very loud when operating. Think about how loud the action is prior to purchase.

There are many stores that sell personal handheld massagers, such as Brookstone, Costco and Bed Bath and Beyond and the online resources are innumerable. However, a good place to start is or

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