Tools To Manage Back Pain

Many people experience back and neck pain. Whether a person sits at a desk for a good part of the day or performs heavy lifting, back pain is likely to knock on the door at some point in their adult lives. There are several things that can be done to help prevent back pain, like practicing good posture, going to a chiropractor, or strengthening the muscles of the back. If a person sits at a desk using a computer all day, then prevention can come in the form of an ergonomically correct desk chair. Sometimes all that is needed is the quick relief that comes with rest and relaxation, so personal handheld massagers and massage chairs can help to relieve a tired and sore back. This article takes a look at some options for self-managing minor back pain.

Ergonomic Chairs

With the onset of the computer age, more people are spending more time sitting in front of a computer. Using a comfortable and ergonomically correct chair is key in preventing minor back pain (that could eventually lead to more serious problems). Individual needs dictate which chair is right for which person, but here are some things to look for when shopping for a good ergonomic chair.

  1. Height – can it raise and lower to suit individual height
  2. Seat depth and width – the backs of the thighs need to be fully supported and the hips shouldn’t be squished
  3. Backrest – correct and natural curvature of the spine needs to be supported with a high enough back and lumbar support
  4. Arm rests – should be adjustable to accommodate the individual
  5. Swivel and rollers – chair should easily turn and roll to help reduce the amount of bending, twisting and reaching a person does.

Office supply stores such as Office Depot or Office Max carry lines of ergonomic chairs and many different brands and styles can be purchased online.

Personal Hand-held Massagers

Massage not only feels good but has an actual positive physiological effect. Massage increases circulation to an area which increases blood flow. Increased blood flow helps to circulate oxygen and nutrients and to carry away toxins. What people like about the hand-held massagers is the “any time, anywhere” access to relief and the one-time cost, unlike going to a massage therapist. People also like the way they can massage specific areas, but this also means that whichever hand is holding the massager (and therefore that arm and possibly the shoulder as well) can’t completely relax.

There are many different options when it comes to personal hand-held massagers. Massagers come small, large, battery operated, with cords, etc., so finding something for your individual preference is easily achievable.

Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are effective and helpful since a person can relax fully into the chair. Massage stimulates blood flow which increases oxygen to the area. A full chair can be purchased that has the massage unit built in or an insert can be placed on any upright or reclining chair.

Common options in massage chairs include:

  1. Vertical rolling or kneading motion
  2. Pulsation
  3. Concentration on lower back, upper back or both
  4. Heat

Personal hand-held massagers and massage chairs can be found at many different stores including Bed Bath and Beyond, Brookstone and Costco. A good resource online is where a full selection of massage therapy products and types are available. Directions should be followed to increase effectiveness and prevent harm.

7 thoughts on “Tools To Manage Back Pain”

  1. The consequences that cause the disease can lead to death, and so this disease is painful and people suffering from it suffers greatly by the constant pain caused by taking medications that are opioid narcotics such as Lortab, Vicodin, hydrocodone, which are very effective in suppressing the pain that causes the disease.

  2. I take painkillers for my back pain, the best known this findrxonline are vicodin and hydrocodone are opiates to treat my illness, so I recommend always do the necessary consultation to avoid taking medications or analgesics that do not help overcome the pain.

  3. Do not give the main priority of your back pain in medication. It’s nothing just a poison that took time on killing you. So, rather go for natural remedies will be the best for the back pain. As what you have mention in the post, sitting for a long duration of time in the desk in front of the computers create a major problem in the back. So, whatever you had post regarding massage chair, Ergonomic Chairs are really cool. Thanks for the share. It’s really a great post.

  4. Hey guys, I was having a ton of back pain a couple months ago in my lower back and I didn’t know it was from and one of my colleagues told me that it was from the chair that I was sitting in at my job. I’m 35 years old and I thought that getting chronic back pain was ridiculous, it was really affecting my life. It made sense that it could be my 8 hours a day at a computer at work and then going home and sitting most of the time that was bringing my discomfort. I did some research into different chairs and I found a company that specialized in ergonomics. I talked to an occupational therapist and they said my companies insurance policy would cover more then half the cost of the chair. I now have no back pain and a chair THAT ACTUALLY FITS ME.

  5. I wouldn’t recommend getting into the habit of taking opiod analgesics to treat back pain- unless it was extremely severe and unrelenting. These meds are so addictive and I think that dealing with the pain through psychological means/techniques is equally as effective- especially in the long term.


  6. You are sitting on the couch or a chair and your back is hurting. If you have suffered from back pain for many years, it can be easy to just bear it and ignore it.

    Don’t do it. It is your body telling you something is wrong. Change positions, stand up and stretch, walk around. Find a different chair. Get a pillow or cushion to give you more lumbar support.

    The slow path to a healthy back

  7. You guys have this good vibe like a support group. I’ve been struggling with back pain all my life. I’m the only one in my family. So everyone just pretends to understand me. I guess there is always orthopedic surgery but in central Illinois it’s hard to find work with benefits to help with this problem. That is my own personal struggle.

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